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#01 - One Click Asset Creation :

Create your scatter in just few click, EnvIt set everything for you. You don't even need to worry about Proxies or LOD, it's automatically handle by EnvIt!

#02 - Randomize Transfrom :

Add easelly Translate, Rotate or Scale randomisation value to your asset for a more natural look.

#03 - Camera Clamping :

Add you RenderCam to clip and keep only Asset in the framing.

#04 - Paint Mask Tool :

EnvIt have is own PaintTool UI that will allow you to control your distribution as efficient and precisely

#05 - Snow Mask :

There is different kind of Mask in EnvIt to help you to distribution your Asset by differents method.

#06 - Mask by Elevation :

A mask from top to bottom, perfect for distribution on a Mountain for example.

#07 - Surfaces :

You can use mesh to add or subtract areas.

#08 - Surfaces :

You can use mesh to add or subtract areas.

#09 - Viewport Optimisation :

Template and Instance to keep viewport smooth.

#10 - Layers :

Powerful system to build complex scene.

#11 - Import Texture as Mask :

Even if for now texture are'nt fully support on Bifrost, with EnvIt you can Import texture to drive Masks.

#12 - Randomize Transform Painting :

You can also Paint the Randomize Transforms attributes.

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